Creative Artist with a Designer Mind
Beautiful things are all around us, they don't have to stay on shelves and in frames. They can enhance our appreciation of our surroundings - beauty and function are not exclusive. I am a Graphic Designer and I strive to incorporate the digital, art, and craft.
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I hold a BFA in Digital Media and Photography from the University of Alabama. With multiple years of on-the-job experience, my skills include:

  • Solid understanding of typography and color theory and the importance of both throughout branding and design
  • Decisive leader, good at working under pressure
  • Strong conceptual skills, able to creatively brainstorm
  • Self-starter, capable of efficiently handling multiple tasks within tight deadlines
  • Working knowledge of photo editing and retouching
  • Digital and film photography with experience assisting in photo shoots






I'm a graphic designer and creative artist based in Denver, Colorado.

By day, I work at a fast-paced proposal support company called BID Designs where I am Lead Graphics/Proposal Illustrator, creating marketing materials, logos, proposal covers, and document graphics. By night, I like working on my freelance digital design and ceramics business, Ceramae Studios. Having studied ceramics, web design, painting, printmaking, and a variety of other medias, I strive to find inspiration from all disciplines to help expand the realm of my ideas and create unique and engaging designs, illustrations, and artwork.

I'm an outgoing person with a bright color addiction, strong sense of adventure, endless ideas, and a peeve for good grammar. My motto is "Where there's a will, there's a way," and I have a way (and if I don't immediately, I'll figure one out!).
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